Study: These are the Best Cities for Women in Tech


SmartAsset, a financial software and data firm, just completed its fourth annual analysis of Census Bureau data and found that overall, women are still underrepresented in tech jobs in the U.S. and earn, on average, less than their male counterparts in similar positions.

But there are some bright spots across the country. To rank the best cities for women in tech, SmartAsset looked at the pay gap, income after housing costs, women’s representation in the workforce, and percent growth in employment.

Snagging the top two spots four years running are Washington, D.C., and Kansas City, Missouri (followed by Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Albuquerque. In D.C., 38.5% of the tech workforce is female, the highest rate in the country. But their pay is only 91% of their male counterparts, a number that fell four percentage points since last year. Kansas City, on the other hand, has women earning an average of 2% more than men in tech do.

[Image: SmartAsset]

No city in California made it into the top 10, despite the massive tech presence in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.LD