Community Engagement Charter

Community Engagement Charter


In alignment with the Women in Technology: Hollywood Community Engagement Pillar, be avid ambassadors of technology by encouraging youth (with a focus on girls and women) to pursue careers in our field:


Primary Objective

The purpose of the WiTH Community Engagement Committee is to select and nurture relationships with key members of the Greater Los Angeles area STEAM philanthropic community, focusing on charities that benefit underserved communities, with an emphasis on girls and women.



“The committee will have committee co-chairs and members that will serve a term of two years, with the second year serving as mentor. These terms may be staggered as needed as the committees ramp up.


The WiTH board may fill vacancies on the committee and may remove a member from the committee at any time without cause. The committee shall have a minimum of one member, in addition to the co-chairs. There is no maximum number of members at this time. The committee is closed to non-members (of WiTH) and the public. After three missed committee meetings, committee membership will be reviewed.”


Scope and Responsibilities

“The committee shall be responsible to:

  • Establish and develop relationships with the existing WiTH charities, i.e. STEM Advantage, CodeTalk, STEAM Coders, DYI Girls, PepUp Tech.
  • Seek out new possible WiTH funded charities, i.e. STEAM charities based in the Greater Los Angeles area which focus on underserved communities, preferably focusing on girls and women, for example, Boundless Brilliance
  • Develop WiTH membership participation ideas, i.e. where WiTH members can volunteer to speak at Career Days, Hackathons, Science Fair judging, panels, keynotes, etc. It would be ideal to have at least 1 participation event with each charity per year.
  • Develop, encourage, and promote “feeder programs,” i.e. where beneficiaries of WiTH charities can become interns, trainees, and employees at various WiTH/MESA studios, companies, and vendors.
  • Establish relationships with corporate social responsibility groups and other women in tech groups at each studio as well as vendors and other companies.