Connection Corner Replay: Why Positive Mindset Doesn’t Work (Nov 2020)

During this podcast featuring Melisa Liberman, we'll cover: Why Mindset Is Key to Accomplishing Any Goal (and how most people miss this element) Mindset Basics and Why Positive Mindset Doesn't Work How to Incorporate Mindset Into Your Goal-Setting Process to Increase Your Success Rate 3 Examples of How to Put Mindset Into Practice Landing a […]

Connection Corner Replay: Technology Skills in Demand for 2021

This panel of cross-industry experts, featuring Nicole Ortiz and John Canning, shares their point of view on the technical skills and roles that are in the highest demand for 2021. Join us to learn where you should be focusing your professional development energy. Discussion will include: - What Technology Skills and Roles are in high […]

Connection Corner Replay: Skill Up on Cloud Computing

Join us for a panel discussion with cloud computing experts from the major cloud computing providers to learn how to skill up in this high profile area.  Discussion will include: Cloud computing concepts Free resources to develop your cloud computing skills Certifications that will give you the most bang for your buck.  Since the decision […]

Connection Corner Replay: Hacking Your Career in Infosec

Join WiTH for a thought-provoking conversation around cybersecurity, the fastest growing and in-demand tech sector. Cybersecurity is critical in safeguarding employees, clients, intellectual property and proprietary developments. Yet, even finding mentorships or career paths to follow can be challenging because of the very nature of protecting access to sensitive data at all times. In this […]

Connection Corner Replay: Our Stories of Resilience (2021)

We all have stories of hope and inspiration and perseverance to tell as we had to find new ways to navigate through the pandemic. Over the course of the last eighteen months each one of us experienced massive changes and not all of them were experienced as something positive at the time. Looking back, many […]

Connection Corner Replay: Considerations for Return to Office (Sept 2021)

Panel discussion with industry experts dealing with the complex issues surrounding Return to Work or Return to Site.  The discussion will cover everything from what employers can legally ask of employees, to technological, logistical and real estate challenges.  A frank discussion on these topics, the considerations and options, is quite timely, particularly if the latest […]

Connection Corner: You are too old/young? Why would I listen to you? (Spring HITS 2023)

You are too old, we don’t do things like that anymore. You are too young, you don’t have enough experience.  We have all heard it, said it or thought it. During this thought provoking Connection Corner we are taking on stereotypes between Gen Z, Millennials Gen X and Baby Boomers and will address common miscommunications […]