2021 Edition of MESA’s Winter M+E Journal Goes Live

The winter edition of the “M&E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is now available online.

The 144-page publication features insights from nearly three dozen MESA members, from Ateliere Creative Technologies to Whip Media Group, with the issue’s main focus centered on the new cybersecurity and content protection challenges facing the industry.

Along with the cover section — “Risks & Rewards” — the issue offers industry insights for several crucial industry areas, including “Localization,” “New Workflows and the cloud” “Smart Content” and “Our Changing Industry.” Additionally, the “M&E Journal” also features columns from MESA’s executive leadership.

Here’s a quick look at what’s included in the main section:

• “Securing M&E’s Remote Work Reality” by MESA’s Chris Tribbey. The industry adapted its business quickly to accommodate a remote workforce. And while media and entertainment has work yet to do to secure it all, benefits both anticipated and unexpected have emerged.

• “Aligning Cybersecurity Risk with Business Imperatives” by StoneTurn’s Luke Tenery and Ross Rustici. The C-suite can enable better risk management by socializing security professionals with the rest of the organization and supporting their understanding and appreciation of operations.

• “Ransomware: The Boogeyman That Wasn’t” by Richey May’s Jason S. Hamilton. 2021 showed a post-vaccine Hollywood with greater access to viewers but also an increase in security horrors. And you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

• “Win the Battle Against Content Piracy: It’s in Your Control” by Friend MTS’s Derek Chang. With piracy a constant threat, implementing content protection solutions from the ground up must be considered a best practice and integral to a company’s value proposition.

• “Have Security Procedures Kept Pace with the New Threat Landscape?” by Convergent Risks’ Mathew Gilliat-Smith. The rapid transition to distributed working, the cloud and SaaS apps has opened new fronts in cybersecurity awareness. Revised best practices and implementation guidance can help vendors strengthen their defenses.

• “Tackling OTT Piracy Head On” by Synamedia’s Janice Pearson. Content owners and service providers must place a stronger focus on piracy prevention for distribution. It is imperative they look to partners to take a three-pronged approach to fighting piracy.

• “The Importance of Protecting Content for M&E” by Bluescape’s Dr. S. Ann Earon. The cost of a cyberattack has never been higher, and the industry can do more to protect itself from operational disruptions, delays in filming and production and potential negative impacts to financial productivity.

• “Disrupting Piracy” by BuyDRM’s Christopher Levy. Disrupting piracy in the streaming industry is now a crucial component to success for live sports, theatrical releases and popular series. Watermarking with multi-DRM is crucial to protecting your content.

• “Protect the Field of Dreams by Combatting Geo-Piracy” by GeoComply’s James Clark. The growing reliance on streaming for live sports is seeing a perfect storm for piracy as viewers try to illegally access content in other regions. Here’s how to protect valuable territorial rights.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 10, look for stories from the winter edition of the “M+E Journal” every week in the “M+E Daily” newsletter.