MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: March 4-8

SecureTheVillage brings the Los Angeles cybersecurity community together, Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) talks recent tech trends, and OOONA examines AI workflows for video localization.

Here’s what the MESA community has planned the week of March 4-8, according to MESA’s global member e-calendar.


• Box hosts the community roundtable “21 CFR Part 11 compliance for Box Sign.” Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in Box Sign is now available for GxP Validation customers. This feature enables life sciences organizations to leverage Box Sign e-signatures to unlock uses cases subject to FDA regulations. Join Manu Vohra, Box MD for Life Sciences and Kunal Laroia and your industry peers to learn more.

• SecureTheVillage hosts the “L.A. Cybersecurity Workforce Coalition.” The LA Cybersecurity Workforce Coalition is for employers, educators, government, nonprofits, and others with a professional interest in the cybersecurity workforce challenge. While focused on the greater LA area, including L.A. County, Orange County, and nearby communities, the coalition includes others with a professional interest in the cybersecurity workforce. Please email [email protected] for more information and to be included on the meeting list.

• OOONA takes part in “AI Workflows for Video Localization.” With video emerging as the dominant communication medium, video localization workflows are quickly becoming common across industry verticals, not only in media and entertainment or gaming, but also in sectors such as education, corporate training, healthcare, and marketing. What are the tools one can use to create an efficient video localization production pipeline? And how can we leverage AI to facilitate such workflows? Join this enlightening webinar as experts delve into the realm of video localization workflows in the era of artificial intelligence. Theywill explore the cutting-edge landscape where AI meets audiovisual translation, focusing on both subtitling and voice-over techniques, using OOONA’s market-leading platform.


• SAP hosts “SAP Data Unleashed 2024.” The opportunity to capture and use data strategically has never been more paramount. Data is the most critical asset in the new age of AI and is the lifeblood of companies in today’s digital world. In early 2023, SAP and its open data partners introduced the business data fabric architecture, enabling organizations to deliver meaningful data to every data consumer – with business context and logic intact. This innovative approach to managing and connecting data enables you to access insights wherever your data resides. If you work with data, SAP Data Unleashed 2024 is an essential, 60-minute virtual event where you can learn how to bring out your best in data, AI, and planning.

• Wasabi hosts “2024 Wasabi Spring Training: A Grand Slam Series on Mastering Hot Cloud Storage”, a one-day, multiple-inning webinar series. These include “Account Management for Partners & Enterprise,” “Protecting Your Video Surveillance Assets,” “Backup & Recovery for Cyber Resilience,” and “Mastering Hot Cloud Storage – Keynote.”

• Adobe presents “Level Up Productivity with Generative AI in Adobe Acrobat.” With business running at the speed of digital, most workers are suffering from information overload — too many documents to digest, too much time spent searching, synthesizing, and reviewing content, and too little time dedicated to constructive work. Join March 6 to learn how new generative AI features in Acrobat offer the power and promise of more intelligent document experiences to level up productivity. Adobe will cover new beta features available now and discuss what’s to come.

• Perforce offers up “Innovations: What’s New & What’s Next.” Keeping your teams efficient and collaborating securely has never been more important. And in the past year, Perforce has delivered significant updates and improvements across our family of digital creation and requirements management tools — including the release of Helix Core Cloud, our groundbreaking managed and hosted offering of Helix Core. In this special look ahead, join Chris Perez, Director of Product Marketing, and a team of Product Managers as they discuss P4VFS and S3 Object Storage support (available now in Helix Core), along with the upcoming release of Sparse Streams – a new lightweight branching model; upgrades to Helix DAM (Digital Asset Management), including support for streams-based depots as well as a new Jira integration; improvements to Helix Swarm, including a new default Review page; and more.

• Box presents “Content Protection Goals and Objectives.” Contribute your insights to a new crowd-sourced ebook being created by the Box Security Community. The ebook, titled “Developing Your AI-Infused Content Protection Strategy,” offers guidance on securing sensitive content in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Box will be discussing the first two chapters of this book at a series of monthly Community Roundtables. Join industry experts Kurt Roemer (Box Chief Security Strategist), Fred Stankowski (Box Senior Director, Global Security Operations), and Box Security Product Leaders for engaging discussions.


• Join “Fanatics & MicroStrategy User Group: Uniting Visionaries.” Fanatics, in collaboration with MicroStrategy, invites you to join an enriching assembly of our esteemed MicroStrategy users. Spend an insightful afternoon in Manchester, participating in discussions, sharing, and collaborating on the boundless capabilities of MicroStrategy in an informal atmosphere. This User Group event goes beyond typical sessions. It’s a commitment to an invaluable community, fostering an environment of shared experiences, best practices, and ideation. Celebrate successes, explore challenges, craft a new future driven by collective wisdom.


• WiTH hosts “Connection Corner – Tech Trends CES to NAB 2024: AI, AR, Automation and Quantum.” CES brought us some game-changing concepts and prototypes. Some have hit the marketplace with big price tags ( Nuance glasses, and others are still in alpha.). Of the top trends, Quantum Computing, AI Everywhere, and Robotics, what will be adopted in 2024? What are the benefits and risks? How do we protect our agency and privacy?