Return to Office Connection Corner September 2021

Return to Office Connection Corner September 2021

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Join us for a panel discussion with industry experts dealing with the complex issues surrounding Return to Work or Return to Site.  The discussion will cover everything from what employers can legally ask of employees, to technological, logistical and real estate challenges.  A frank discussion on these topics, the considerations and options, is quite timely, particularly if the latest COVID variants cause employers to push back their plans from September until later in the 2021.  


September 17, 2021, 12-1PM Pacific Time


Hybrid work is here to stay.  Companies that apply the lessons learned from remote work will win the war for talent and build great employee working relationships:

  • Continue open and frequent communications across the organization to align employees behind company direction and help make their work more meaningful
  • Provide flexibility to define work habits, with a focus on outcomes
    • Role Analysis.  Analyze teams and positions based on work patterns to determine guidelines for in office versus remote
    • Self Organize. Let teams establish work habit charters appropriate for their roles
    • Outcome Orientation. Focus on outcomes, rather than monitoring the way in which the work is done, to maintain equity between remote and on-site personnel
  • Build on the more personal relationships developed thru the pandemic and check in with employees on their emotional well being.  
    • Be aware of and respond with Empathy to emotional challenges
    • Tool leadership with employee wellness resources
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