Professional Development Charter

Professional Development Charter


In alignment with the Women in Technology: Hollywood Professional Development Pillar, to assert ourselves as leaders, leveraging resources near and far to broaden our collective expertise. 

Primary Objective

The purpose of the WiTH Professional Development Committee is to develop and maintain an on-going curriculum of events that aid in professional development of WiTH members and event attendees.


The committee will have committee co-chairs and members that will serve a term of two years, with the second year serving as mentor.  These terms may be staggered as needed as the committees ramp up.

The WiTH board may fill vacancies on the committee and may remove a member from the committee at any time without cause.  The committee shall have a minimum of one member, in addition to the co-chairs.  There is no maximum number of members at this time.  The committee is closed to non-members (of WiTH) and the public. After three missed committee meetings, committee membership will be reviewed.

Scope and Responsibilities

The committee shall be responsible to:

  • Establish, review and execute an overall plan for meeting the professional development needs of the foundation
  • Develop a curriculum that meets the objectives of that plan
  • Seek WiTH board approval for that curriculum
  • Plan and execute a minimum of two events annually that follow the curriculum

The committee will report its activities to the WiTH board at least on a quarterly basis.

The committee has no expressed or implied power or authority. 


The committee will meet at least monthly and more often as needed. The committee chairs will keep a copy of the committee meeting minutes and forward a copy to the board secretary. The committee chair may invite anyone who isn’t a member of the committee to attend, but these individuals have no voting power.

The committee will review its charter at least biannually and recommend any proposed changes to the board for review.