HITS – AI Governance Workshop

HITS – AI Governance Workshop

Join us on May 22, 2024 at the HITS conference for a working discussion during lunch of the myriad facets of an AI Governance model and how to institute one.

We’ll start with an introduction on building governance model similar to a PMO function and understanding the stakeholder implications. With brainstorming aids at the tables, we ask four questions with in 5 minute breakout sessions and take 5 minutes to recap them:  

    • What do think an AI Governance program objectives should be (business outcome)? 
      • Caution on creating LLM’s
      • Project approval
      • Risk mitigation plans 
      • oversight 
    • What goals should the program consider when evaluating projects? What are the criteria against which you measure an AI project for “worthiness”?
      • Standard Portfolio Management criteria
      • Fairness, transparency, etc. 
    • Who are your major stakeholders whose point of view should be considered? 
      • More than BU & HR
    • What risks or issues might you have to mitigate as part of the AI Governance program?
      • Data estate
      • Data gaps (unrepresented communities in historical data)
      • A caution that “just because I can, doesn’t mean I should”

We’ll wrap up with a recap of the discussion takeaways and provide a QR code for this page.