Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits

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Fan Supporter Coach Champion
Donation Level $ 2,500 $ 5,000 $ 10,000 $ 15,000

WiTH Community and/or initiative activities:

Logo on WiTH/MESA and community web pages
Advisory/Technology Committee eligibility
WiTH Annual Board Meeting invitation
Invitation to WiTH Awards Nominee Luncheon 1 3
WiTH Non-voting Foundation Board Member at Large
Invitation to an Annual WiTH Board Networking Event


Complimentary admissions to all WiTH event(s) 1 2 4 6
Discounts on additional event registrations
Event sponsorship eligible
Level upgrade on all WiTH event sponsorship packages Single Double
Event Topic introduction eligible
Keynote Introduction Eligible

Media Properties

Company branding on WiTH Wire newsletter
Unlimited use of Job Board Listings
Banner ad rotation on WiTH newsletters and websites
Logo/Name Recognition in WiTH membership Thumbnail Double Thumbnail Triple Thumbnail Full Size
Press release newsletter postings Quarterly Monthly Unlimited
Permission to leverage WiTH brand on company website for recruiting and branding
Leverage a WiTH Board member at an internal conference
Leverage a WiTH Board member as a DEI consultant for your recruiting strategy