Social Media Fundraising

Social Media Fundraising

Establishing a personal Fundraiser for the WiTH Foundation is easy!

Create Your Facebook Fundraiser

    1. Create a Fundraiser in Facebook (it’s on the More or + or 3-bar menu) for Giving Tuesday, Int’l Women’s Day, your Birthday, Anniversary or other special day.
    2. Select Non-Profit fundraiser search for “Women in Technology Hollywood Foundation”
    3. Select Women in Technology Hollywood Foundation Inc
    4. Update the fundraising target, dates, etc. as needed. Recommended changes include:
          • Date (When should your fundraiser end?): December 3, 2020 (the WiTH Leadership Awards date) or your special day
          • Title (What’s the title of your fundraiser?): My Giving Tuesday [or Birthday/Special Day] Fundraiser for the WiTH Foundation Inc.
          • Description (Why are you raising money?): I’m raising money this Giving Tuesday for Women in Technology Hollywood Foundation Inc, to fund their annual charity giving to local organizations and programming that promote STEM and STEAM opportunities in underserved communities. Every donation from $5 or $500 helps. Thank you for your support.

        5. Create your Fundraiser
        6. Edit the Photo using the artwork below.
        7. Share with your Friends and network, on all your social media accounts!

        Thank you, for your support!

      GIVING TUESDAY FACEBOOK GRAPHIC (right-click and “Save Image As”)
      WiTH Giving Tuesday Promo Image