WiTH Breakfast – Mentoring and Vision Workshop 3-22-16

WiTH Breakfast – Mentoring and Vision Workshop 3-22-16

  • Part I – Panel Discussion: Mentoring in the Women in Technology Arena
  • Part II – New Year, New You – Vision/Performance Zone Workshop

Part I – Panel Discussion: Mentoring in the Women in Technology Arena

The Case for Kindness

A recently concluded 5-year study by a leading tech company found that employees who mentored others were promoted 6 times more often than their peers who did not. The study also found that mentees were promoted 5 times the rate of those who passed up the opportunity of structured guidance and advice. One-on-one tutelage has not only yielded a faster track toward salary increases but has also given its participants a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives at work. Like mountaineers linked at the hip, mentors and mentees typically stay loyal to their jobs and are justly valued for their professionalism and commitment.

Women in Technology: Hollywood will present a breakfast panel on the performative, pragmatic power of generosity. Our experts will discuss the powerful impact of the practice of mentoring, particularly for emerging women in the specialized field of technology. Together we will explore the important distinctions between mentorship and sponsorship and how one participates in formal and informal mentor relationships.

This event promises insights into the myriad methods of mutual support. By working together we are only made stronger, and this timely and important morning summit captures the prevailing winds of change in the contemporary workplace.

Our esteemed panelists include:

  • Sara Akhteh, Mentor Program Manager for Women in Technology, Sony Pictures
  • Cathy Daoust, Executive Director, IT Learning & Development, Sony Pictures
  • Nancy Ridge, Co-Founder, Women in the Channel
  • Nina Skorus-Neely, Vice President, WB Technology Solutions, Warner Bros.

A further Case for Kindness will be made after the panel with a Vision/Performance Zone Workshop. If you weren’t able to attend Part I on February 4th, fear not. This workshop can be enjoyed as a stand-alone opportunity and prior participation is in no way a pre-requisite. If the description below captures your imagination we urge you to stick around and join the conversation!

Part II – New Year, New You – Vision/Performance Zone Workshop

A strategic imperative for reinvention
As we’re all aware, the times are awash in rapid, indelible change. The looming and sometimes ominous question is “what if I lack the agility and creativity to adjust to all these disruptions?” What happens if complacency gives birth to stagnation? What will be the consequences for our jobs, our relationships and our general sense of well-being?

By confronting our “comfort zones” we can build a pathway for unparalleled mastery and unimaginable achievement. While reigniting a genuine sense of wonder and awe, our passions can regain their potential as agents of personal and professional transformation.

Due to the nature of the workshop where you will interact with the other participants at your table, the opportunity to contribute to and support others will be abundant.

You will leave this workshop committed to taking powerful action on the realization of your vision, your goals, your hopes and your dreams, and you will be empowered to act with newfound alacrity and determined focus.

Bring a friend: you’re the key to growing the Women in Technology: Hollywood community!
The Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010


On-line Registration is now closed – On-site available

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